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Fruit jam lower in sugar

Our 8 delicious and sugar-free spread flavours will charmany one needing to take care of his carbohydrates intake. The nutritional values show a very low NATURAL fruit sugar proportion. Your health is our priority. Here is the ideal product for health-conscious individuals who want to monitor their sugar in take. GLUTEN FREE/PEANUT FREE

Raspberry & apple low in sugar
Blueberry & apple low in sugar
Strawberry & apple low in sugar
Peach & apple low in sugar
Apple butter low in sugar
Cranberry & apple low in sugar
Orange marmalade low in sugar
Rhubarb, strawberry & apple low in sugar

Slightly sweetened fruit jam

Our regular jam are available in 7 flavours. They are gluten-free and peanut-free. Our ingredients list is proof that we care about your health ! GLUTEN-FREE/PEANUT-FREE

Apple & 5 fruits slightly sweetened
Strawberry & apple slightly sweetened
Rhubarb, strawberry & apple slightly sweetened
Raspberry & apple slightly sweetened
Blueberry & apple slightly sweetened
Apple butter slightly sweetened
Apple jelly

Fruit sauce

Our “Les Caprices d’Antan” fruit sauce, in 5 distinct flavors, make a delightful accompaniment to cheesecake, ice cream, waffles or other delicious “sins” from our generous dessert table. GLUTEN-FREE/PEANUT-FREE

 Strawberry & apple
Raspberry & apple
Apple & maple syrup coulis
Blueberry, strawberry & apple

Natural dressing / Marinade

You will love our completely natural, delicious dressings made from fresh fruits and vegetables! With no added sugar, low sodium, gluten and peanut free, they will enhance your salads and other dishes. Our tomato & basil dressing is delicious with pasta salad. Season your prawns with mango & ginger dressing. A real treat! GLUTEN-FREE/PEANUT-FREE

Balsamic, roasted onion & apple dressing
Mango & ginger dressing
Rhubarb & apple dressing
Raspberry & apple dressing
Tomato & basil dressing
Cranberry, blueberry & apple dressing

Confits lower in sugar

Enjoy the unbeatable taste of our confit low in sugar. Available in 2 flavours. ! Add to your terrines, your cheese platter or simply to your meat dishes. Browse our recipes. GLUTEN-FREE/PEANUT-FREE.

Confit onion & apple low in sugar
Confit cranberry & apple low in sugar

Fruit chow-chow lower in sugar

Our unique fruit chow-chow low in sugar is sure to wake up your taste buds. Enjoy the taste of our traditional recipes. Add it to pasta, stew and other everyday recipes. PEANUT-FREE

Fruit chow chow low in sugar

Fundraising campaign


Looking for a different and very profitable way to raise funds for an activity? With us you can easily achieve your ambitions.

“Les Caprices d’Antan” offers a range of high quality products from Quebec for health conscious people.

Our mission is to provide all the necessary tools to help our clients run an effective and successful fundraising campaign.

Each person will receive their order form with the products we have selected together. In addition, we will provide a personalized pamphlet, in PDF format, which you can share on your website and social media sites to assist and benefit your fundraising campaign.

Contact us to discuss !





Les Caprices d’Antan

(418) 877-8614


Where to find our products :

  • IGA (department of fruits and vegetables)
  • Metro (grocery department)
  • Marche Adonis
  • Farmboy
  • Whole Foods
  • Independents
  • Tau

It was in Quebec that we realize our dream to give consumers the unique taste of a spread low in sugar and more flavor taste without! Our family business dedicated to providing a range of products to the perfect marriage of delicate selection of our fruits and the ever-present desire to reach a health product.

With a strong commitment to innovation our family has grown by marketing a variety of spreads low in natural sugar with no white sugar, fruit sauce, fruit ketchup lower in sugar, confit lower in sugar and our latest addition, all-natural salad dressings.

We have at heart the health of people and want to offer quality products for people with diabetes and health-conscious!

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